Charlotte Star

Charlotte Star

Australian Covergirl Model
Voted Best Escort Sole Operator, Best DFK,
Best Newcomer Female Pornstar  AAIA 2019

Hello, I am Charlotte Star and I am an Australian

Model and Covergirl. I am an outgoing, bubbly

29 year old who loves to shop, wine and dine,

travel, yoga and most importantly have fun in and

out of the bedroom. 

Being featured as Covergirl on Magazines and

starring in softcore adult films is a passion of mine.

Generally every week I am booked for 3-4 photo

shoots for glamour and lingerie so please book in


2020 Incalls

2020 - Sydney 

ATM Exisiting Clients Only and Please Contact Me for

Next Incall Dates. Xo Charlotte

Please note incall bookings are generally booked

out in advance by existing clients.

New bookings are on a waiting list basis only.





City: Perth - TBA - 2020 - Booked Out Already

City: Auckland - TBA - 2020

City: Canberra - TBA - 2020

Home Location


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