Gianna Moore

Gianna Moore

♣️♦️♥️♠️ They say Italian women can do more with their eyes than any other woman can do with their body. Once these pretty brown eyes show you how hungry I am to connect you'll underatand its a true craving I have to please you and have every inch of my amazing body touched and teased. I am known for my sophisticated class but there is a dark shadow side that comes out when I step into our playroom. The ultimate traditional girl gone bad! Would you like to come with me and escape the every day? Let's play and I'll show you what colour happiness is. ♠️♥️♦️♣️ Will you let me deal the cards where you always hold the winning hand? I will be your ultimate stunning temptress or flip the coin and watch me change into a submissive trance where I am at your beck and call fulfilling every desire. Are you searching for more than vanilla encounters and in need of something crazy? I'm always searching for new adventures and without a doubt, I will bring some shock factor. Let us assume you are searching for the ultimate PSE playmate. One who truely loves all of those intimate, dirty acts!! Then you have found your lady. ♣️♦️♥️♥️ I also love women! I am always in awe of a beautiful lady and it would be my pleasure to have you watch me explore every inch of another temptress. MMF or FFM games delight me. ♥️♥️♥️♥️ If you are looking for something outside of the bedroom, guaranteed you will be encountering a intelligent personality making the ideal dinner date or travel companion. I enjoy adventures outdoors, keeping fit by running/gym. I have a background in health and wellness with continued studies. We will connect on so many levels. When you reach out to me for contact I will be authentic and prompt so please do not hesitate to request a selfie or two and lock in a time we can meet. Xxx Gia. ♣️♦️♠️♥️




City: Melbourne
Date From: 29th of August
Date To: 31st of August

City: Adelaide
Date From: 4th of September
Date To: 6th of September

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