Rosalie Adams

Rosalie Adams

A warm hello to you and thank you for taking time to find out about me. I'm a 21 year old tall curvaceous all natural brunette with luscious long locks and and features that many have complimented as being much more beautiful in person. Trust that age is only a number to me, with a maturity and wisdom well beyond my youth, I am independent, driven and determined to succeed and achieve my dreams and goals. Spending time with me ensures you an experience that will leave you in awe as you will not expect the way my body responds to you giving me pleasure. My attraction and desire to be with men from all walks of life and my excitement in anticipation to meet you will always give me the tingles and shivers as I imagine us together. Indulgences include all things that are luxurious including soft lace lingerie, heels to show off long stockinged legs that go on forever and perfume that will linger unforgettably. There is only so much I can say but so much more to discover once we meet, connect and have a moment that we will remember always. Much love Rosalie


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