Valentina Vi

Valentina Vi

Hello gentlemen! My name is Valentina V, a touring companion with a Colombian background. That’s right, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to experience the sensual wonders of a Latina, I’m here to make that experience everything you imagined.

I’m the type of person who follows the sun, who has a real passion for adventure and trying something new. I have the confidence to make the first move, to give you that sensuality and desire you’ve perhaps been lacking in your life. But in saying that, as a lover of love-making, I also enjoy being taken, and feeling that instant rush of attraction and desire upon meeting someone for the first time.

I love to keep in shape and know that you won’t be disappointed by my version of the famous Colombian booty – grab me by both hands and maybe I can teach you a couple of naughtier words in Spanish ;) Not only do I get complimented for my sexy accent, but my sensual lips, flirtatious eyes and smooth, tanned skin.

Your time with me will be filled with erotic passion and my bubbly, warm energy. I might look the picture of elegance when we meet in the bar, but in the bedroom,‚Äč I’m just waiting to get wild.

My service is non-discriminatory and welcome anyone from any walk of life to get in touch, I am passionate about giving the best possible service, for making someone’s day, or weekend, or year!

Can’t wait for that first moment we lock eyes,

Valentina xxx

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